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Igor I. Kondrashin

Dialectics of Matter


     So, the historic dispute between various philosophic schools about what is primary - Matter or Consciousness - by the logic of Dialectics of Matter is reduced to the obvious truth, that Consciousness, having appeared at a certain stage in the process of the progress of Mind, constitutes a psychical manifestation of the highest organic forms of Matter, and is their attribute exactly as electromagnetic fields are an attribute of physical formations of Matter. Together with further evolutionary development of the highest forms of Matter the progress of Consciousness will continue as well, so it is possible to assert safely that in the future Consciousness will be more introspective than in the past. Thanks to the logic of the Dialectics numerous versions become groundless with regard to a possibility of migration of the soul or spirit from one body into another like fng. units are moving from one fnl. cell into another, and also about the immortality of the soul. Being a manifestation of the highest forms of Matter, the Consciousness itself is an inalienable element of Matter at a certain stage of its Evolution. It cannot be detached from the highest material forms - the ensembles of neurones of the cerebrum of concrete individuals - to soar independently in the Earth's atmosphere, in the outer space or somewhere else, and vanish with their destruction. Only the Social Consciousness as well as the Supermind is capable of existing continuously exactly so long, how long Humanity as a whole, alternating generation by generation, will manage to extend its existence.
     The scientific researches in various spheres of knowledge have been ripened long ago to the necessity of merging the organisational completeness of the systemic-structural synthesis with the dynamism of the dialectical materialism. In the present work the beginning of this process is laid down, though the description of the main stages and general questions of the Dialectics of Matter as well as the reflection of the present-day architectonics of its systemic levels is made in the most condensed form. Exactly because of this the Part I of DIALECTICS of MATTER has the name Systemic Approach to Fundamentals of Matter, meaning that in this work only fundamental theoretical generalizations are made. It is intended that a more detailed concretisation of some broached questions will be accomplished in further parts of the work - Dialectics of Mind and Consciousness, Dialectics of Labour and Dialectics of Geosystem, in which it is possible to study in more detail such questions important for Humanity as the keeping of the social homeostasis and the increase of the productive force of functioning, but first of all the final formation of the noosphere, the increase of efficiency and effectiveness of its influence on the further living of the world Society.
     One way or another, but the theoretical division of the evolutionary development of Matter, realised in this work, into motions in specific categories with the addition and singling out of the motion in the category quality reveals in many aspects the source of its Evolution as well as the causality of events occurring around us.
     The scientific discoveries that have confirmed with the help of experiments the facts of existence of anti-substance, gave ground to visionaries' minds to speak about far away anti-worlds. But as it follows from our study, the anti-world is located not on the opposite side of the Universe, its elements we can detect every day here on the Earth, near each of us in the phenomena of hunger, thirst, asphyxia, deficit and so on. And exactly with the manifestations of the anti-world we have to carry out the every day struggle, neutralising its permanently growing negative potential, which is dispersing into prosy fnl. cell of various structural levels, from microsystemic until now already the superhypersystemic one. These invisible as if a vacuum fnl. cells attract constantly to their bosom material formations - fng. units (quarks, atoms, molecules, organic cells, people and so on), fit for implementation of their specific set of algorithms. Therefore considering, for example, at the level K such an elementary component of some hyperorganism as 'the head of a department, Mr. Smith', we should clearly realise, that in this notion two different categories of Matter are combined simultaneously:
     a) a fnl. cell of an ideal 'head of a department', having a specific set of algorithms and
     b) a concrete individual 'Mr. Smith' with all his advantages and imperfections really functioning in it.
     Only on the fnl. abilities of the personified highest signal subsystem of the cerebrum of 'Mr. Smith' it depends, whether the algorithms of the given fnl. cell are being implemented correctly. If, for example, owing to his individual phenogenodevelopment exactly those associative centres of the cortex turn out to be insufficiently developed, which are responsible for the precise fulfilment of the algorithms of the fnl. cell of 'the head (of the given) department', then he proves to be a surrogate fng. unit for this fnl. cell. Being actually filled with Mr. Smith, in practice it is remaining unfilled, increasing by that the negative systemic potential of the given hyperorganism. Therefore it is necessary immediately to replace Mr. Smith in the given fnl. cell by a more functionally able Mr. Brown, as a result of which, if it is made correctly, the negative systemic potential ought to come down. Mr. Smith, after the definition of his fnl. abilities, should be placed into a fnl. cell corresponding to him. Thus, one of the most principal aspects of the systemic organising consists exactly in the correct combining of two absolutely diverse elements of all organisational levels of Matter: an ideal functional cell - a real functioning unit. The misunderstanding of this, as the practice shows, leads in the upshot to systemic shake ups of various strengths.
     The leaving of functionally significant cells to be unfilled always causes the growing of the negative potential of a system. This factor, in particular, fng. units in hyperorganisms of the third type being on strike use for a long time in their struggle, forcing fng. units in fnl. cells of the administration of appropriate production or other structures to take more rapidly these or those organisational decisions.
     There is no doubt that the attainment of hyperorganisms' optimal structure takes a decisive part in the present-day phase of the integrating process of hypersystems and superhypersystems' development. In this connection already now it is necessary to effect approximate calculations of the coefficient of fnl. efficiency of systemic organisation (Kf.e.s.o.) of the principal states in order to know at least, how it is possible to help those, which are behind, to move up to the level of the advanced. Therefore it is so important to have also in each country specialised organs responsible for the growing of its Kf.e.s.o. in conformity with peculiarities of local conditions and bearing in mind specific character of the problems existing over there. The coordination of these organs ought to be effected at the superhypersystemic (that is at the overstate) level.
     At all levels first of all appropriate specialists are needed for these purposes as well as specialised instructions which ought to be worked out with modern methodologies on correct picking and placing of personnel, taking into consideration phenogenotypical peculiarities of individuals, determining their ability to function in this or that fnl. cell of this or that structural pyramid. It is necessary also to work out and introduce into practice a complete list of psychophysiological test estimations of the highest signal subsystems of the cerebrum, by which it is possible to form an opinion about the professional, work and intellectual abilities of any person. Specialists should be engaged for a long time in this definition and appropriate marks ought to be put periodically into a special document (after leaving school, on graduating from university, before acceptance for a job, just every five years). Statistical generalisation of similar marks would allow us to judge, which share in each country individuals phenogenetically of the highest, medium and lowest categories occupy, that in its turn would give an opportunity to insert appropriate corrections into revealed tendencies in the development of this or that superhyperorganism.
     In special higher educational institutions or at specialised faculties numerous specialists are to be prepared, who later will work in personnel departments of all the production and administrative hyperorganisms and carry out the filling of their ideal staves - fnl. cells with real personnel - fng. units. Among them there should be obligatorily, for example, professional psychologists on personnel. At every course the students of institutes and colleges should study peculiarities of correspondence of personnel to the appointments they are holding, in order to avoid situations in which the salary being paid to them will not become a direct loss for both a given enterprise and the state as a whole, not counting indirect much bigger losses from their functional inactivity. All fnl. cells should have a specified enumeration of fnl. algorithms and for that somebody should make them renovate regularly and check their implementation. It is clear, that on a proper algorithmation of all fnl. cells the productivity of our work depends on many respects. Somebody should also be engaged in the counting and comparison of the aggregate and personified balance of time of active functioning in fnl. cells of production, scientific-research and administrative hyperorganisms.
     All these and many other questions long ago became archtopical for that part of the hypersystemic organisation, which intends to be up to the present-day level of the development of our epoch. And replies to them it is possible to find only with the help of Dialectics of Matter, reasonably using the regularities being traced through it. Moreover, the Dialectics of Matter can become the most severe weapon against the most dangerous social disease of the twentieth century - the functional mimicry as well as against those who obtain their personal well-being at the expense of the state, society or mankind as a whole.
     The hypersystemic organisation is not an extraordinary act and even not an episodic activity, but the permanent labour-intensive process, carried out on a strictly scientific base by organisers phenogenetically capable of that. K. Marx once in the first volume of his Das Kapital noted that the worst architect differs from the best bee, that before the construction of a building he already has its project in his mind.
     All of us are either a witness, a participant, a leader or an opponent (depending on the activity of every man, his phenogenetical capabilities and on what exactly fnl. cell on the structural vertical he occupies) of the construction (the constant process of all-systemic organisation and reorganisation) of the World Society, constituting already for a long time a single high-integrated developing extrasuperhypersystem.
     Its structure (project) ought to be revised critically taking into consideration the most up-to-date knowledge, renovated permanently on the basis of subsequent scientific discoveries and introduced everywhere without delay. Coming from the fact that the UNO by the opinion of many has fulfilled its function on the whole and the efficiency of its activity is coming down gradually, it seems expedient to replace it by a new leading organ, which will be guiding the World Society by the improved pattern and likeness of the present governing body of the European Union with similar, and later even higher requirements to the countries-participants and obligations from their side. At the same time in their activity, as we mentioned already, it will be leaning on the Supreme Council of Experts and act coming from both the perspective prognoses of the evolution of Humanity and current interests of the present generation, which nevertheless should coincide with the long-term targets of our Civilisation.
     Nobody should consider the above theoretical scheme only as some next in turn model, constituting certain aspects of our reality in a dialectical-materialist interpretation. On the contrary, it should serve as an appeal to all thinking people to begin active intelligent action in order to perfect the all-systemic organisation of the Human Society until it exposes itself yet to self-destruction.
     That which was topical YESTERDAY, has become more topical TODAY and, without any doubt, will become even more topical TOMORROW. Time does not wait, it is impossible to stop it. It advances inexorably at the rate of 24 hours per day and with every passing day these 24 hours from our FUTURE are transferring to our irrevocable PAST.

- Times are changing, and we are changing with them. (Lat.)

     Therefore our mission, that is the mission of that part of the present-day HUMAN GENERATION, which is considering themselves thinking (and who is thinking indeed) - to comprehend the Laws of the DIALECTICS of MATTER and act in a maximum correspondence with them.

                    Cairo - Moscow - Athens    1981 - 1995

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